By giving blood we save lives


More than 80 people gave blood

On November 26, 2017 in Kicukiro (Gikondo), more than 80 people: Rwanda Red Cross volunteers and others gavetheir blood for unknown victims who are in need in hospitals.

“If there is something very expensive you can give is the blood for saving lives of victims suffering in hospitals”. These are words used by blood donors.

Umuhoza Honorine, one of donors said “I’m very happy and proud for this action of donating blood. When we give blood we save victims known or unknown. Donating blood is a very good action. What is necessary is that spirit of volunteerism. Before I was wondering why not giving blood if I am healthy.”


Before giving blood donors are registered

Namahoro Yvette, nurse from RBC (Rwanda Biomedical Center) explained “RRC supports us a lot, donors are volunteers and they demand nothing for their blood given. We are very happy. Thanks to these donors the need of blood is satisfied at 97%.

Rwanda Red Cross volunteers are very involved in blood donation in two ways because they sensitize people to become donors and they are the first being donors.

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