Restoring Family Links

Armed conflicts and natural disasters have led to family separations throughout the world. Tracing program aims at re-establishing links of families separated by such situations. The reunification of family members separated, is done through a process that requires their identifications, registration, restoring the links of separated individuals and eventually the reunification of family members.

The program enables communication between individuals separated during armed conflicts and disasters. Forms are filled to collect information necessary for the restoration of family links through the re-establishment of contacts between separated family members. They provide details of news concerning the individuals whose contact is being sought. The responses are conveyed and it has proved to often have a positive result. These messages are referred to as the “Red Cross Messages”. Largely, beneficiaries to this program are refugees and internally displaced people.

Rwanda Red Cross develops and implements the tracing program to enable the reunification of separated families by armed conflicts and natural disasters

Program purpose

  • Re-establishment of family links of individuals separated during armed conflicts and natural disasters.
  • Reunification of children separated from their families during armed conflicts and natural disasters.
  • Mobilization and strengthening adoptive parents or guardians to facilitate them in fulfilling their duties towards children separated from their families as a result of armed conflicts and disasters.

Seeking and working with partners as well as organizations whose mission encompasses the re-establishment of family links with the willingness of cooperating and informing the exchange of messages.