Vision & Mission


To remain the leading humanitarian society in Rwanda committed to alleviating human suffering and serving the most vulnerable people.


The mission of Rwandan Red Cross is to prevent and alleviate human suffering in an impartial way, without any discrimination as to nationality, race, gender, religious beliefs, class or political opinions among any other divisions that may arise in society.

Its diverse programs are developed and implemented to alleviate human suffering throughout the country by mobilizing the community.

The specific mission of Rwanda Red Cross is:

  • being a leading humanitarian organisation and take part in national plans in preparation for and interventions in situations of emergencies, including armed conflicts and other situations of violence, as well as natural or manmade disasters, arising on the territory of Rwanda;
  • preventing and alleviating human suffering with complete impartiality, making no discrimination as to nationality, race and ethnic origin, gender, language, religious beliefs, class, political opinions or other similar criteria;
  • providing community services to the population aimed at reducing vulnerabilities through programmes such as health, prevention of diseases, disaster risk reduction and emergency response, strengthening community resilience, socio-economic reintegration of vulnerable and displaced persons, social protection, education and mutual assistance for the collective good;
  • supporting the national programme of blood transfusion through community mobilisation towards voluntary blood donation to ensure that adequate blood necessary to supply those in dire need is available;
  • rendering assistance to the medical services of the armed forces in times of armed conflict;
  • establishing and implementing programmes aimed at providing humanitarian assistance and aid to members of the armed forces and civilians in distress and the alleviation of suffering in times of armed conflict;
  • managing its own national network of volunteers and placing it at the service of public authorities and the community for the purpose of re-establishing family links between persons separated by armed conflicts and other situations of violence, natural or manmade disasters or other situations necessitating humanitarian action;
  • cooperating with public authorities with the view of ensuring the national application of International Humanitarian Law and preventing misuse of the emblems and names of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, as well as other distinctive emblems, designations and signs protected by the Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols;
  • promoting and disseminating International Humanitarian Law, the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross Movement and humanitarian values, and educating the general public  on disaster prevention, preparedness and response;
  • recruiting, instructing and assigning at the headquarter and local committee levels, the human resources  necessary to accomplish those tasks entrusted to it, and mobilising volunteers for each activity with the view of reinforcing the capacities of the RRCS at every level;
  • Cooperating with the components of the Red Cross Movement and with other national and international organisations in the free and independent fulfilment of its activities, in accordance with the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross Movement.